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Alcohol free bar, Love From, announces upcoming festive collabs with General Stores and Feel Good Club

Alcohol free bar, Love From, announces upcoming festive collabs with General Stores and Feel Good Club

Their jam-packed Christmas calendar follows the hugely successful residency at Kampus MCR this Autumn - and they are set to return in January 2024

Canal St and the Gay Village

Welcome to the World Famous Canal Street Manchester, home of the original 'Queer as Folk' and more recently It's a Sin

It is recognised as the UK's LGBT centre, outside of London. The Gay Village is home to many annual events, such as Sparkle the Trans Festival, the Bears Bash and The Skins Weekend. The regions thriving Lesbian community is also centred in the Gay Village, with established venues like Vanilla serving the Women's scene.

Manchester Pride, the UK's most successful Annual Pride event, with tens of thousands attending the celebrations. Manchester's LGBT Sports and social groups are a major feature of daily life regularly attracting visitors from all over the World. Non LGBT are also welcome. Respect should be shown at all times.

Canal St looks forward to welcoming you all!

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Your Manchester Season 6

Welcome to the latest episode of Your Manchester , in which we bring you the most recent news in art, culture, and entertainment! Episode 340 and our 1050th Guest! Featuring Fantastically Great Women', which comes to the Lowry next month. Also, we go on a scary bear hunt. This week is also HIV testing week. We speak to Reece Boulton from the LGBT Foundation about how you can have fun and how far the LGBT+ community has come since the 1980's. Join Belinda Scandal for another fabulous episode.