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Cherished Memories

Cherished Memories

At Cherished Memories we provide white doves for release at any occasion, including weddings, christenings, civil partnerships, etc. Doves are released to celebrate love, fidelity and peace. You can release our doves either by hand or from a basket that has been decorated to match your wedding or ceremony colour scheme or theme.

Are you worried that releasing white doves is cruel? All of their doves are cared for with love and affection. Because of this they are proud members of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association. All of their specially trained doves fly home upon being released.

They also take care never to release their doves within short distances of airports or after sunset. This is to ensure the safety of their doves and so they can find their way home.

Want to release your dove by hand but worried about droppings? They show you exactly how to hold the doves to minimise the risk of mess.

Covering areas including Hyde, Ashton, Denton, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire. Call today for your quote.

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Cherished Memories

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