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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

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What’s going on with mortgages right now?

Banks and building societies have pulled nearly 400 deals from the market in the past month, with some temporarily withdrawing their entire ranges.

But to put this in perspective, there are still 5,000 deals available - including some two and five-year fixed rate products at 4.5% or less.

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Published on - Sat, 24 Jun 2023

The current state of the UK property market

In the United Kingdom, the housing market is an important indicator of the economy. The market is constantly changing, with prices going up and down depending on a number of factors.
The housing market in Britain has transformed over the years, with changes in the economy, government policies, and social attitudes impacting the market.
In the past, the private rental market has become increasingly popular. This has been driven by rising house prices, and many people simply cannot afford to purchase their own home. This has meant that it is often cheaper to rent a property than to purchase one.
At the same time, the demand for buy-to-let has also risen. This has seen a huge increase in the number of investors interested in buying properties in order to let them out to tenants.
One of the most notable changes in recent years has been the introduction of Help to Buy. This is a government initiative that allows people to buy a home with as little as 5% deposit. This has made it much easier for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder.
Overall, the housing market in Britain has changed drastically over the years. Despite uncertainty caused by Brexit, the future of the market could be bright if the government continues to introduce policies that support the growing number of first-time buyers.

The housing market in Britain, as with any market, is subject to various changes. Though the nature of these changes is often uncertain, the benefits of a stable housing market should not be overlooked.
One of the biggest benefits of a stable housing market is that it creates a more reliable investment environment. As property values remain consistent, investors and buyers can better determine their future returns and costs. This gives them the confidence to invest in the future, rather than hedging their bets with short-term investments.

A stable housing market also encourages an increase in construction and development. As developers can accurately estimate future profits in a stable market, they are more likely to invest in new constructions, leading to new homes, better infrastructure and improved neighbourhoods.
Finally, a stable housing market is beneficial for the overall economy, leading to increased economic growth, increased job opportunities and increased GDP.
Overall, a stable housing market can provide many advantages to buyers, investors and the general economy. Consequently, governments should promote policies that can lead to a stable housing market.
The British housing market has fared well in recent years. In 2019, property prices rose in almost all regions, recording their highest annual rate of growth since 2016. This trend has been driven by an increased demand for housing and an undersupply of available properties.
The 1.4% annual increase in house prices in 2019 was higher than the 0.9% increase in 2018, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Prices also rose in all English regions except the North East, which remained flat, while the East Midlands was the best-performing region with prices up 5.3%.
The demand for housing has been fuelled by a combination of low mortgage rates, the abolition of the stamp duty on properties worth up to £500,000 and an expanded Help to Buy scheme. At the same time, the supply of housing has been constrained by a lack of new housebuilding, slow planning decisions, and limited availability of land.
This supply-demand imbalance has led to rising house prices in many areas over the past few years, so homeowners have benefitted from the increased equity in their homes. However, this also means house prices are now unaffordable to many first-time buyers.
Therefore, the British housing market will continue to face challenges in the coming years.
The biggest challenge facing Britain’s housing market is the supply-demand imbalance. This imbalance has led to house prices rising in many areas and becoming unaffordable to many first-time buyers. This, in turn, has had a negative impact on social mobility, as those without sufficient funds to get onto the housing ladder will find it more difficult to move around the country.
Another challenge is the availability of affordable housing, particularly in the social-rented and public-housing sector. With the increasing population in the UK and aging housing stock, there is a pressing need for additional homes. In addition, the government has committed to 300,000 new homes per year until 2020, which will require additional funding and planning.
The availability of appropriate land is also an issue, as suitable sites for development are becoming scarcer. The failure of the planning system to keep up with the demand for housing and redevelopment is another challenge for the housing market, as the process of changing uses for land and approving new developments takes far too long.
The housing market faces a number of challenges over the coming years, and much work is needed to address these issues and ensure that everyone has access to affordable, suitable housing in the UK.

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Published on - Thu, 27 Apr 2023

Mortgage update:

Great news from the Nationwide……. They has announced a series of mortgage rate cuts to its fixed and tracker range of up to 0.7% with a 5 year fixed rate deal now starting at 3.99%.
The 3.99% remortgage rate is available at 60% loan to value with a £999 fee. The same option with no fee is now at 4.18%
For existing customers wanting to benefit from a switcher rates , these have also been lowered by up to 0.41% and now start at 3.94%
Contact David at Search Mortgage Solutions for more info and see how we can help you. We are a completely fee free mortgage broker

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Published on - Fri, 17 Feb 2023

Is it time for a Financial Spring Clean with regard to your Mortgage Loan needs?.

Yet another Bank of England Base Rate from 0.5% to 0.75%

(Source: Bank of England, 17 March 2022)

As we proceed through 2022, there remains a desire to move home (with many looking for a different way to live), balanced by a lack of available properties to purchase.  Plus, there is still Covid, and concerns over rising costs, with inflation already standing at over 5%.

These concerns will be further exacerbated by the recently announced energy cost rise, which applies from April and, quite apart from the more worrying humanitarian issues, the impact on costs attributable to the war in Ukraine.

These have all been contributory factors in the Bank of England increasing its Base Rate for the third meeting in a row, with the knock-on effect for mortgage rates.  
(Sources: Office for National Statistics, Consumer Price Inflation; February 2022; Bank of England, 17 March 2022)

Still Excellent deals…
That said, even though the direction of travel for interest rates is upwards, rises are coming from a record low base, which means that there are still decent deals out there.

For a wide range of borrowers (such as the following), perhaps now is the time toact to lock-in the current deals:
-  Looking to secure their first property loan.
-  Have a mortgage deal that is due for review in the next 6 months or so.
-  Existing borrowers who simply want to obtain a decent interest rate now and/or raise more funds.
-  Those who need more living space, either within their current home, or elsewhere.
-  Others may be worried that further cost of living rises could impact on their mortgage affordability calculations into the future.

House Prices
The average UK house price rose by 12.6% in the year to February 2022.
(Source: Nationwide, House Price Index, February 2022)

Whilst growth is expected to ease to single digits over 2022, rises in the last few years may have been beneficial for current homeowners.  It might even open up better rate deals, if borrowing against a property that has risen in value over recent years.

Lender requirements
Borrowers will be well aware that lenders continue to apply stringent controls on the ‘evidencing of income’ and ‘affordability’.

However, whilst the cost of living rises will not ease this situation, the Bank of England is looking to consult on possibly withdrawing, or easing, the ‘affordability’ requirements sometime in 2022.  

This rule currently requires lenders to ensure that borrowers can afford a 3% rise in their mortgage interest rate before approving an application.  If removed, or eased, it would then open up more property and borrowing options for purchasers and remortgagers.

Low deposit deals
Deals such as 95% and 90% loan-to-value may have bucked the trend in rising rates,as average rates have largely remained stable over recent months.  This is partly a reflection of the enthusiasm of the Government to support the First-Time Buyer.  
(Source: Moneyfacts, March 2022)

Green Mortgages
With a lot of talk about rising energy costs, it’ll focus the mind of many to seek out more energy-efficient properties or renovate the existing one.  This is where a Green Mortgage could be of interest - a product offering that’s sure to grow in popularity.

Why you should talk to us
With so many options to consider, it can be quite confusing.  For example, there are the enticing headline rates (where you’ll also need to consider the associated lender fees), the option of a fixed or tracker rate, the length of the overall mortgage deal, and all the information lenders require.

So, it’s no wonder that most opt to take our professional advice to help identify a suitable route forward.

If you wish to discuss further or require more information, we can arrange a meeting over the phone or at our office on Deansgate

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You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you remortgage.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Published on - Wed, 23 Mar 2022