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Salvis at New Deansgate

Salvis at New Deansgate

Salvi's Deansgate SQ - La cucina napoletana

On a lovely sunny early evening, we were able to visit the shiny new Salvis recently opened at the equally shiny New Deansgate Towers.

This long established and hugely popular Italian specialist, has been a stalwart at the Corn Exchange for some time and this 'sibling' has all of the beloved features Salvi fans are used to, as well as several new elements over and above.

The Salvis greeting is well known and we were warmly welcomed on arrival and following a brief tour of the place our table was ready and waiting.

So what of the food and drink?

Starters - Primo  

FOCACCIA - Peals of tomato from the oven of pizza, red and yellow, just bubbling with perfect little freckles, perfect for hungry taste buds. Large, fresh and healthy. Delicious too.

My dinner guest chose Scamorza alla griglia con aceto balsamico - which is a beautiful grilled Mozzarella placed on speciality Italian bread and is a generous portion for a starter. Tasty and quite filling so be warned.

Mains -  secondo 

Carbonara was chosen and proved to be a winner. Yet again, a good sized portion with a mouthwatering pepper hit. More on the moist side if that is how you like your Cabonara. Fortunately my guest does.

I chose for Pasta vongole - a Steaming, sweet, rich and perfectly Al dente dish, which is a Little sweet, with salty pearls of the sea, coated in the perfect rich and fresh tomato sauce. This dish will transport you to the Amalfi instantly.

Desserts - dolci.

Although we were both nicely full, we were gently 'bullied' into dessert.

I opted for Chocolate cake - torta al cioccolato -a sophisticated chocolate torte which is vegan too, if such is an issue for you.

Cannoli pistachio - Cannoli al Pistacchio  was decided on as a second choice and partly devoured, with the remainder being 'doggied' home to keep an absent partner happy.

Drinks - Vino  

VERMENTINO -  light white floral wine perfect for fish courses and Rosso bianco rosato - Light perfect Rosé wine both nicely complimented the food choices above and all served by friendly, knowledgable servers.


A great place for authentic Italian cuisine and allergy friendly. James, our reviewer, has an allergy to dairy-based products and the team were more than happy to offer suggestions and changes to the dishes.

Owner operator Maurizio, also made some time to join us and chat through our experience. A conversation that progressed onto the wider issues affecting the hospitality industry today.

All very entertaining.

All in all an excellent meal- È un ciao spettacolare 

James Richardson for Canal St Media ( also lover of all things  Italian).

Highly recommended.

Published: 24-Jun-2022 (6693) Top Stories

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