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Canvas - Food Review

Canvas - Food Review

Cuisine - Global

Place Style - Modern New York Restaurant and Bar

Number of Guests - 2

Cost -High quality of food for a great price.


Canvas Restaurant is part of the impressive development on Oxford Road, which used to house BBC Manchester.

What to Expect: Modern New York design restaurant with little nods to Manchester, saw the odd bee, and hanging beehives. When you visit the gender-neutral toilets you can hear a few little birds and the odd bee buzzing around which was an interesting experience but kinda relaxing too. Drinks and cocktails are plentiful and American in style which is whole lot of fun. Small plates are the order of the day here, so I suggest you order 3 plates for each person. Each one will taste great, inspired by great cuisines from around the world. The excellent service and knowledge of management and staff blew me away, even though they were very busy.

Let me tell you what we had:

What my companion had Burrata with mint: An excellent dish, fresh taste with baby heritage tomatoes, the only thing was that the burrata missed the classic ouse.

Dumplings - Good size steamed Dumpling, fresh with tasty sauce, we both thoroughly enjoyed these.

Prawn fitters: Crispy and light in batter, with a sweet chill dip, and would definitely order this one again.

Drinking recommendation - A crisp rosé wine, excellent with fish and cheese dishes

What I had:

I have a dairy allergy, which is a problematic in most places, but that's not a problem in Canvas. You will be given an allergy menu that shows the contents of a dish in full, but speak to your server as the kitchen is happy to make changes. You don't feel restricted here, which is great if you have allergies.

Korean Fried Chicken - Delicious dish created with spice and freshness with a hint of kimchi.

Lamb chops - a small portion of Sunday lunch. Unfortunately slightly overcooked for my liking, but it's quite a tasty dish, but I'd prefer it rosy.

Hoisin Duck Leg - I was blown away here. A nice crispy skin, great flavour, that came from slow cooking with the added flavour from the hoisin. This is a must when you dine here.

To drink - Chamomile sidecar - spicy cocktail with a cool flavour.

Overall it's a great new space in Manchester, it's outside the restaurant main areas in Manchester, but close enough with a short walk. 

I would recommend a visit to Canvas for their restaurant and bar spaces and maybe consider a membership to their creative spaces.


James Richardson - Canal Street Media.

Published: 21-Jul-2022 (6724) Top Stories

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