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Yes, Pride Season is here!

Yes, Pride Season is here!

This year we believe we have the pleasure of Jake Shears, Natasha Bedingfield, STEPS legend Lisa Scott-Lee and various drag royalty like Danny Beard, Cheddar Gorgeous and various others. Let’s get the party started! Hopefully, there will be plenty of adult fun to be had, so get your lube and poppers  at the ready.

Getting ready for a season of adult fun!

At esmale HQ we can tell Pride season is starting as orders for sex essentials, underwear, and other kinky gear are getting a boost.

Luckily, we are well prepared for the season with many new styles from big brands like Addicted underwear, Breedwell and Sukrew. If you like your things a bit kinkier, fear not. We got you covered with a huge range of BDSM, Nipple and Fetish Gear. The real increase we see in the sex essentials sale. From quality gay lubricants like Spunk Lube to enhancement products that will give your libido a boost. Of course, poppers are in high demand from Rush Poppers  to the newer Twisted Beast and extra strong Berlin XXX, it seems we all like a few bottles in reserve.

How do you express yourself?

Of course, it is not all about getting your end away. It is a time we seem to all go a little more flamboyant in whatever area is most akin to our inner self. The mixture here in the office is poles apart. We have some that go all glitter, colour and high drama and on the other side, we have some that go all leather, latex and focus more on the fetish elements of their character to express themselves. We even have a few that don’t really bother at all. We call them the party- poopers but love them all the same . Of course there are many other ways to shine a light on yourself and some do it whole year round and not just during pride. However, you do it we can’t wait to

see it all. We will be all over Manchester Pride plus many more events. In fact, we have already started the party during Mighty Hoopla recently which was amazing, and the weather gods were with us so lets hope it stays that way through the season.

What we offer this Pride Season.

Apart from fully engaging and having fun, we have also been busy getting new products in the store for you to enjoy at the best prices.

As mentioned above we have stocked up on lots of sexy gear like addicted underwear  and much more.

But we also want to make sure you have all you need when it comes to enjoying some hot adult play that might be happening during the season of love. From tools and enhancers that will keep you harder for longer to fetish gear that will allow you to fulfil your wildest fantasies. If you are playing on your own we have you covered as well and not just with a standard gay dildo oh no! We have toys that are vibrating, rotating or have electric stimulation and that applies to all our manhood toys as well. You will be left exhausted and fully fulfilled after a session with some of our amazing toys.

The last thing we made sure of is that we can offer you amazing deals. During the entire Pride season, we are running deals on all products. Discounts range from 20% - 50% off at different periods so make sure you keep an eye out for some great offers.

Lets have it!

For now, there is only one thing to do and that is having an amazing time. Get yourself kitted out, stock up on your gear and get out there and just have it! Dance till you drop, flirt like you have never done before and get all the action your heart desires. Most of all have funnd be kind!

With love,

Team esmale

Shop here for you Pride deals:

Published: 19-Jun-2023: (7142) Top Stories

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