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Transcelebration at Sparkle

Transcelebration at Sparkle

July 2023

The organisation Trans Celebration works tirelessly to protect and promote the basic rights and services needed by our trans community; Access to care, gender affirming care products.  They believe every trans person in the UK should have access to free gender affirming care and product. 

Trans Celebration over the year has donated Gender Affirming Care underwear products to members of our trans community and they hope to do more this year especially during pride campaigns. 


Trans Celebration is a UK-based LGBTQ+ Human Rights and Community organization that supports trans and gender non-conforming people to access clothes and gender-affirming products like Gaffs (Tucking Gaffs) and Binders so as to help solve the problem of gender dysphoria. Gender Dysphoria is when there is a mismatch between your biological sex and gender identity.

KEEP ME FIT SOCIALS” by Trans Sports and Fitness

Trans Sports and Fitness was created in order to encourage trans, QTIPOC and non-binary people into exercise and healthy living  to help anyone who feels their transgender identity makes participating in sports and fitness difficult.

The objective of TSF (Trans Sports and Fitness) is to make sure we can all engage Trans People in activities, both sporting and social by providing a safe space for this to happen.

TSF hopes to resolve and avoid some of the barriers that is stopping trans people together with gender non conforming people from accessing sports.



Trans Celebration, being a community organization, believes in inclusivity. They believe we all deserve the right to education, basic social services and inclusivity in the workplace.

They have cooperated with a few organizations  to help them draft more inclusive workplace programmes that will include members of the LGBTQI community.

Thanks to the above, a lot of companies now understand the importance of inclusivity in the workplace.

Robyn Electra is the Co-founder and CEO of @transcelebration TRANS CELEBRATION:

And is also the co-founder of @gaffandgo Gaff and Go: a transgender lingerie, swimwear and accessories brand for pre-op transgender women, non-binary people and those who tuck.

As a pre-op trans woman, with trans friends who tuck, she cares deeply about the needs and safety of our community. Gender affirming care products are quite important for us trans women in order to keep us safe while in public.

Robyn told us

"My objective was to fulfil a gap in the market for underwear and swimwear that will be used by trans women, non-binary individuals and gender non-conforming people, in order to tuck. Gaff and Go’s line of tucking lingerie and swimwear is designed to provide the wearer with the ultimate confidence, comfort, which also helps to keep the trans community safe".

Details of all these services via here


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