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Old Stock New Stock

Old Stock New Stock

The series of portraits are being displayed throughout Greater Manchester in community spaces that are important to our elders, helping them to take up space following several lockdowns.

Art with Heart launches Old Stock New Stock, challenging perceptions of ageing in stock photography. 

Art with Heart have launched their second iteration of Old Stock New Stock, a series of ambitious artworks challenging perceptions of elders in stock photography. Working with elders from throughout Greater Manchester, these portraits represent the hobbies, passions and ambitions of an older generation. Photos were taken by Joe Smith, project produced by Megan Holland and sessions facilitated by Chelsea Morgan. 

The exhibition can be accessed online through the Art with Heart website, showcasing the portraits and their audio descriptions – or viewed at community spaces throughout Greater Manchester, including: 

East Oldham Methodist Church

Eccles Library 

Radcliffe Library 

Eccles Train Station 

Cadishead Community Band Hall

Gallery Oldham

To fully represent the participants, the portraits inhabit spaces that our elders feel connected to. Each one has a bespoke display and a QR code leading to additional materials. It’s an opportunity to see our elders at the forefront of spaces they’ve been restricted in accessing over the last year and to reconnect community spaces throughout the city. 

Old Stock new Stock was originally conceived in 2018 as part of the Golden Years’ Caravan project. During this project, Art with Heart worked closely with elders from the Apna Ghar Day group in Rochdale to create portraits that represented the participants, their lifestyles and the things that they enjoy doing. This exhibition toured alongside a film and a range of activities throughout Greater Manchester. 

During the pandemic, as a continuation of this work, Art with Heart ran Dial – a series of creative conversations that took place over the phone in the summer of 2020. Pairing artists from Greater Manchester with participants, the collective played games together, had chats, and explored different art forms. It was natural to continue working with the same participants for Old StockNew Stock, building on the intimate and interesting relationships we’d started with them through the pandemic. 

Old Stock New Stock will run from the 18th August – 30th September throughout Greater Manchester and will also be displayed online. 

Rachel Moorhouse, Artistic Directorof Art with Heart says: 

“We’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to work with our participants over this period to bring them to the forefront of public spaces and to help them express the things they’re passionate about.”  

Joe Smith, Photographer, says: 

“Through meeting and sharing experiences with the project's participants during Old Stock New Stock I have been able to work towards representing Manchester's elder population in a way that's positive, impactful and that gives them a voice in a particularly isolating time”

Pauline Smith, participant, says: 

"For me it was a privilege to be involved with the Art with Heart photo project about older people living in Manchester - Our Place as I call it -  and how they captured me living through lockdown with positivity and words. My thanks go to Megan and Chelsea for their wonderful support and for Joe for his evocative pictures of me."


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Published: 31-Aug-2021 Top Stories



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