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Manchester Pride scraps Pride Live festival with other changes announced

Manchester Pride scraps Pride Live festival with other changes announced

This news follows a six-month review conducted after members of the LGBTQ+ community indicated Manchester Pride’s grant-giving did not cover some of the key causes that mattered most to them.

The stand-out themes which will be taken forward include:

- Manchester Pride will create more opportunities to consult with communities in order to co-design future Pride events

- Connecting Manchester Pride Charity’s grant-giving work with input from communities

- Ensuring all Manchester Pride events are accessible to all members of our communities, we will:

- Clarify and publish the commitment to low income tickets by the end of March.

- Introduce quiet spaces at Pride events from this year.

- Work towards an aspirational level of accessibility accreditation and offer to partner with LGBTQ+ business in the Gay Village to help them be part of this.

- Manchester Pride’s August celebrations will continue, the Charity will refocus its efforts back onto its activist roots 

- As a result, Pride celebrations will be focused around the Gay Village Party and MCR Pride Live will not go ahead in 2022 – it was identified as less important by the communities in furthering their aims

- The Parade, The Candlelit Vigil, the Gay Village Party, Superbia Weekend, Youth Pride MCR, Family Pride MCR and Human Rights Forum will proceed – identified by the community as vital elements of Manchester Pride 

- A fixed amount or percentage of each ticket purchased to Pride events, directly to the community fund. 

- The Board of Trustees will be more visible and connected with communities, and commit to ensuring greater transparency on the charity's actions. 


Paul Wheeler, Chair of Manchester Pride’s board of Trustees, said: “I’d like to say a big thank you to the thousands of individuals who had their say on the future direction of the Charity".

He went on to comment “It is important that Manchester Pride reflects what Manchester’s LGBTQ+ communities tell us they want and this review has shown how we can do better".

Many of the businesses, are pleased with this return to the original roots of the city's pride celebrations and planning for the August Bank Holiday Weekend, is in earnest moving forward.

Our Facebook page left us in no doubt about what our community wanted with dozens of comments.

We chose just three randomly:

"Fantastic news! Absolutely brilliant! Hotel now booked but it wouldn’t have been if not for this decision!!! I cannot wait to now return!!! ???????? pride tourists! PRIDE IS PRIDE! It isn’t a festival".

"Fantastic news. Hopefully now Manchester Pride can focus on the community instead of the ‘big stars’ on the stage!"

"live has been scrapped!! About time too".

More updates are due soon and we will of course be sharing them.

Meanwhile, more information is available here

Published: 17-Feb-2022 Top Stories

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