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Adult Winter Pleasure!

Adult Winter Pleasure!

The winter is now well and truly here. I guess we were lucky that we had warm weather all the way to Mid-October but now the cold seems to be here. This means a lot more indoor time and cosying up and home fun. As a male sex toys shop that also offers a huge collection of sexy wear, kink and essentials we have everything in store to provide you with some great indoors time. We also have a sister store that provides strong poppers like our Pentyl Poppers range. With so much to choose from we thought we highlight a few areas that will provide you with plenty of adult pleasure through the winter months. We have divided the suggestions into solo play and partner or group play.

Solo Fun.

Where to start, so much choice. Going by customer feedback most people love masturbating.  More and more we see an increase in more premium tools like Fleshjack, Oxballs and other brands. These products offer multiple settings and functionalities. We even have auto-blow masturbators, all you need to do is put the product in place and it does all the work for you. With strong vibrating and suction motions this is the ultimate hand-free pleasure tool. 

Another great way to treat yourself is having some anal play. From the delicate massaging of the prostrate to giving yourself a good pounding, all ways to have fun or deal with a stressful day! In particular our P-spot massagers are popular. For these toys size is not the most important. It is all about the shape and that it really reaches that spot. Once there switch in the various functionalities, and you are off to a heavenly moment. To intensify this feeling many people enjoy some UK poppers during this. The pounding play is more self-explanatory, just get a dildo or vibrator in your favourite shape, size, colour and off you go. We do always advice to use some good anal lube. 

Partner Play.

We often hear that people think sex toys are mainly for solo use. In our experience this is far from the truth. Using any tool with a partner is great fun and can add another dimension to proceedings. Whether you are playing as a couple or a group introducing an extra dimension is great fun. Using a Cock sheath for example is great fun for all involved. Another popular form of partner play is electro sex or the use of remote controlled or app-based products. App based products can be used from afar. A great way to play if you can’t physically meet up.

Love it a bit Kinkier, then role play is also a great stimulator. Tie your man up with some BDSM gear or lock up his manhood with a chastity case so he is at a maximum level of excitement when you free him.  

Don’t forget your essentials.

Whatever play you going to keep yourself occupied with this winter, we also recommend you have some great essentials at the ready. Good lube always helps and for those that get excited to fast we have delay sprays and creams for you. Not really an essential but who does not love taking off someone jeans or trouser and find a sexy pair of hot underwear? I have had some instances in which the “first impression” was a pair of old pants and I can tell you it did not increase my horn.

Additional benefits of adult fun. 

Hopefully some of the above suggestions will give you some inspiration for the colder days. Not only will it add some spice but more and more we get feedback confirming that self-pleasure is a great form of escape. It can be a great release after a stressful day or just a great way to take yourself away from daily worries. Half an hour in the bath or on your bed treating your body to some serious TLC can get your head straightened out in a delicious way. Most of all it just feels good and who does not want to feel good.

We have sale on at the moment so the perfect time to have a look in our stores is now. 

We hope you have an amazing winter.

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With love,

Team esmale!

Published: 2-Nov-2023: (7298) Top Stories

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