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REVIEW: Pie and Ale

REVIEW: Pie and Ale

Following the difficult Summer of pandemic and lockdown, we were delighted to see that an old favourite PIE AND ALE re-opened a little while ago.

Nestled just off Stephenson Sq in the Northern Quarter, Pie and Ale has made a few changes with expected screening and the package of safety measures that we so quickly have come to expect, as well as some menu changes and a brand new cocktail list

This venue has always had 2 halves with one large space for the sports crowd, complete with large screen and communal tables, but we chose the more intimate side with bar, a few drinking tables and crucially a small number of dining booths separated by transparent safety screens.

Pie and Ale has never had the largest menu ever seen, but is renowned for its range of pies all made on the premises, as well as its lighter bites for those with a smaller appetite.

Wine delivered and food choices made, we three settled into catch up conversation.

Two of our trio went for pies with the Venison and Sunday Lunch variants and I chose a number of the small light bites which I have always enjoyed.

With no starters ordered, we predictably had a wee while to wait for food, but this didn't matter as chit chat flowed and exchanged with Fleetwood Mac et al playing throughout.

Food delivered to table is always a tad theatrical as the pies are ornately 'topped' with pastry figures, Chickens, mini Rabbits you get the drift and our lovely server didn't disappoint.

My light bites duly arrived shortly after.

For me, the choice of baby bites ( mini burger mix meatballs) with fresh pitta bread, sauces/dips and light salad, and two portions of Rosemary wedges (chilli and Bacon and Cheese) were both delicious and very filling.

In fact, I was unable to finish all my ordered food and so a couple of forks found their way across the table to 'sample' the remains of my options.

Equally enjoyed.

My friends also enjoyed their choices of the Sunday Roast Pie (Turkey )and the Venison pie which both contained quality meats and were full of taste.

No fancy decor or other distractions but very good fayre. An  unpretentious type of place but comfy. The emphasis here is on the food pure & simple. Really hearty pies & platters and good variety too.

Nice choice of wines and lovely Ales.

Very fair prices...what more could you want?!

All in all, this return to Pie and Ale proved a big and overdue success and our 'newbie' loved it and promised a return asap.

The lovely Canal St discount rounded off a successful Sunday lunch visit to Manchester's home of pies.

Published: 10-Sep-2020 (5980) Top Stories

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