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We chat with Coco ahead of Dazzling Divas premier at OnBar

We chat with Coco ahead of Dazzling Divas premier at OnBar

We caught up the fabulous Coco ahead of her forthcoming performance at ONBAR as part of the Dazzling Divas night on August 5th.

She was very happy to talk about her own history and how she hopes to help the next generation girls coming through.

Dazzling Divas is a brand new events company, who mainly host events for the trans community and wider LGBTQ community, but all are welcome to join in the fun. They will be hosting a wide range of events, starting with our brand new Trans Club Night.

Hi all my name is Chyarna. But many call me Coco. 

I was born and raised In south London for many years, later moving onto Chelsea where my family still live today.

As a kid I knew I  was gay but I also knew I wanted the glamour of a woman not just for fun, but I knew I needed it for life. 

I moved to New York when I was 14 years old and remember my mum organised a driver to pick me up from school when I noticed a group of kids standing in front of the Christopher St sign. I was so mesmerised and impressed by these young people in so many ways they were smiling dancing out an proud.

I never seen that before in my life and it made a real long lasting impression.

I demanded the driver to stop an I walked down Christopher st in my school uniform, lol an I felt like I just arrived to some were I could consider another home, I felt safe I felt possibly protected and also felt that I could be myself I met other trans women an they always told me I have what it takes to become a woman 

Since that day, I have never looked back.

My journey was a hard one, but I now had a trans family and that security helped my transition enormously. I was lucky my parents also respected my choices and gave me their blessing and their support. 

I want that for the next generation and hope that my story will give them hope moving forward.

Dazzling Divas is a place our community can go to and enjoy that same security.If the outside world isn’t as nice I want to create a safe place where they can be their true self and speak their own truth.

A place men can go to meet other trans women.

I want to help trans women and support trans women in every way possible and stand by my trans sisters and their allies. 

The reason why I wanted to provide a make over service as a safe place for girls to dress and feel comfortable is because I know how hard it can be. I was there once and will always try to make it a little bit easier on the next generation or for the older generation that never felt they could be their true self 

I have a wonderful team headed my bestie Pasha aswell as my Business partner (brother from another mother) Callum and together we will fight to Make Dazzling Divas grow whilst staying true to our brand.

We hope next year to take Dazzling Divas to other secure venues around the U.K. to help other trans woman an admires enjoy a great night closer to their home.

Dazzling Divas isn’t just a night at a bar it’s a dazzling experience, to us it is our passion project and dreams, we will do everything possible to grow this brand and help support you all out there.

Tickets £5 on the door at OnBar on Canal St.

Published: 2-Aug-2021 Top Stories

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