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We chat with Author Malorie Blackman

We chat with Author Malorie Blackman

Tell us about your book, CROSSFIRE?

Crossfire, the 5th novel in the Noughts and Crosses series, continues the story of Tobey Durbridge and Callie Rose as adults and can be read as a standalone story.  Tobey has become a ruthless, ambitious politician aiming at the greatest prize in Albion politics – to become the Prime Minister.  Just as he’s about to get everything he’s so cold-bloodedly worked for, he is arrested and charged with murder.  He pleads with Callie, his ex-lover and now a barrister, to take on the task of defending him which she does but it is a decision that has far reaching and devastating consequences, not just for Tobey and Callie but for their families as well.

Who is this book aimed at?

14 to 114 plus!  

What’s your favourite thing about going on tour?

All the new people I meet.  Chatting to people about books and reading.  That never gets old.

What’s your least favourite thing about going on tour?

I miss my family when I’m away from them, but it makes going home that much more special.

Tell us a funny story from previous events you’ve done?  

I was doing an event at Hay and was very uncomfortable in the upright chair I’d been given.  When Martin who was leading the conversation asked me a question, I replied, ‘Could you hold that thought because my buttocks are exceeding the width of this chair.  Just let me get comfy.’

I then wriggled around till I was more comfortable while the audience cracked up laughing.  I facepalmed when I realised I’d said the whole thing out loud.  

Why should we come and see you talk about your latest book, CROSSFIRE?

Because hopefully it will be entertaining, informative and fun.  

What’s your top tips for budding writers?

Read, read, read.  Try to write every day.  And don’t give up!

Which authors inspires you?

Every author who has written stories I love – and that’s many.  Every good book I read inspires me.  I’m grateful to all the authors who have entertained me, made me laugh, made me cry, made me think.

Was there any particular experience which pushed you to write this book - Crossfire? 

The advent of Brexit and the inauguration of 45 in the US.  Crossfire isn’t about those events, but they certainly inspired me to write about politics and ambition in both teens and adults and the consequences for all those involved.

What are you most looking forward to about coming to Manchester?

All the people I’ll meet at the Lowry Theatre, which is an amazing building.  I’m looking forward to being in that space and answering lots of questions.

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Published: 19-Aug-2019 Top Stories

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