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Out on the Page Writing Retreats

Out on the Page Writing Retreats

Whilst writing his first novel, Paul BC looked around for support and feedback from other LGBT writers. He soon discovered just how few networks actually existed in the UK and he decided to do something about it.

He set up Out on the Page Writing Retreats to support and build networks with and for fellow LGBT writers across the UK and beyond.

Out on the Page is for writers at any stage of their writing journey; just started or experienced, in full flow or worried about writer’s block, published or not. 

The writers who have been in touch with us have been engaged in all sorts of writing; novels, plays, poetry, short stories; travel and nature writing, biography, memoir, game scrips or blogging...

Out on the Page has a mission to support LGBT writers by providing:

• dedicated space and time to write

• access to information and motivational support from the facilitator and the other writers on retreat.

• a rare opportunity to meet and network with other LGBTQ+ writers in an atmosphere of support, solidarity and friendship. 

• develop a network of LGBT writers, along with agents and publishers who are dedicated to or have a keen in interest in working with LGBT writers.


About Paul BC - Founder and Lead Facilitator

Paul BC is on his writing journey too, having recently 'completed' his first novel under the mentorship of a successful novelist and managing editor at a literary consultancy. He’s

currently submitting to agents and thinking about independent or self publishing options. 

He’s also involved with an LGBT collaborative writing project with New Writing South's LGBT Writers Group in Brighton as well as being a long standing member of a gay mens' bookgroup in Bristol and an LGBTQ+ health project in Manchester.

When it comes to writing retreats he can draw on his experience of:

• Attending writing retreats over the last five years across the UK, Ireland and Japan

• LGBTQ community voluntary action across sport, health and community history

• Professional expertise and experience in coaching and facilitating

• running a successful writers' group, Bath Writers Beyond the Margins, for over two years 

Details of the Retreats

One Day Retreats

London, Manchester, Bristol

Early Bird Tickets available online at £32.

Further details online VIA THE LINK BELOW.

• resources provided ahead of the retreat itself to help you set some goals for the day

• take place at specially selected urban locations

• guided through the day by a friendly and experienced facilitator including warm up

writing exercises, introductions, themed discussion around lunchtime.

• drinks and snacks available throughout the day included in the price.

• a small pop-up library of writer resources

• membership of a closed Facebook networking group after the event

Three Day (Weekend) Retreats

These are currently in development but likely to be held in a more rural setting. Please get in touch, we‘d love to hear your ideas.

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