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Manchester-based LGBTQ filmmakers launch anthology

A diverse array of lives intersect over one night on and around Canal Street in short film anthology Spectrum. The first micro-short, featuring Shameless star Alice Barry, has now launched, alongside a crowdfunding campaign.

From a group of Manchester-based LGBTQ filmmakers, Spectrum will be shot in the city over Spring/Summer 2018 and released via film festivals late 2018/throughout 2019. A web release will follow.

There is a wide array of sexualities and gender identities in the LGBTQ community, but you wouldn’t know that from the way we’re represented on screen. While recent years have seen several high profile film releases about gay men (such as Moonlight, Call Me By Your Name, and God’s Own Country), there is still a lack of representation for lesbian, bisexual, and transgender characters. Spectrum aims to address this by putting on screen the diversity of Manchester’s queer community.

Half-hour in total, the film will be comprised of six short stories (3 - 6 minutes each).

Genesis by Christopher Bowles – an experimental opening to Spectrum with a poetic voiceover. A genderqueer character switches identities as ze catwalks down Canal

Street, embodying various archetypes of the LGBTQ community.

• Brett by Abigail Henry – Nell is preparing for her debut performance as drag king Brett Dream. But when she loses her outfit, she has to improvise a new one.

• Treats by Tommy Cowell – an older gay man is lonely among the much younger gay scene. Coming into possession of a human pup changes this.

• Chips by Kieron Moore – Martin goes to the chippy with his girlfriend, and bumps into his ex-boyfriend. The thing is, he’s forgotten to tell either of them he’s bisexual.

• Red by Ellie Costanza – a trans girl goes on her first night out in her female identity.But her former friend is unable to accept that she wears dresses now.

• Suck by Kieron Moore – Joe meets a man via Grindr who wants to suck his... blood.


These will be interspersed with 15 - 60 second shorts, exploring every facet of the LGBTQ community.

The first of these microshorts, Tea, has already been shot. It was filmed in Richmond Tea Rooms and features an appearance from Shameless and Clocking Off star Alice Barry. Tea launched this Wednesday 14th February, alongside an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. As well as the perks on offer, any funders within the first week will be entered into a prize draw to win tea for two at Richmond Tea Rooms.


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Published: 15-Feb-2018 Top Stories

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