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LGBT foundation partner for Soho Angels

LGBT foundation partner for Soho Angels

The night-time volunteers helping people stay safe this festive season

Specially trained volunteers will be out on the streets of Soho this festive season, ensuring Christmas revellers ‘end the night right’. Whether handing out water or helping people get medical attention, the Soho Angels will be doing everything in their power to help people end the night right. They will also be trained to spot those who are most vulnerable - for example, due to being on their own, or being intoxicated.

Westminster City Council and LGBT Foundation are partnering on this new night time safety initiative, proudly supported by Smirnoff. It’s designed to make London’s nightlife a safer space for everyone, and a more inclusive and understanding space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

The Angels home base, the Soho Night Hub located at St Anne’s, will offer a safe space for people to rest, recover, get help if they've fallen victim to crime, or simply charge their phone. The Hub and Angels are there for anyone who needs help while out at night in Soho, whether they are residents, visitors or tourists.

The pilot formally launches on December 7th, and it will run every Friday through December. With the lessons learned during this time, it’s hoped the scheme will be rolled out every Friday and Saturday from February 2019.

Soho Night Hub and Angels Services

?      Provide directions and advice about getting home

?      Help find or contact friends or family

?      Be a person to talk to

?      Provide basic first aid

?      Offer emotional support to people in crisis

?      Provide a safe space to recover

?      Help people to report crimes, including hate crimes or incidents, or get medical help

?      Signpost to local services and LGBT organisations

?      Work with bars and clubs to identify and support vulnerable customers

?      Provide water and plastic ponchos to those who need them

?      Provide a place to charge your phone

Find the Angels on Friday nights in December, 10pm - 5am or head to the Night Hub at St. Anne’s on Dean Street for support.

To find out more or sign up to volunteer as a Soho Angel visit link below

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Published: 13-Dec-2018 Top Stories

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