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Jock 2019

Jock 2019

20 years after being part of the original cast of Queer as Folk, Hope Theatre Company’s Artistic Director, Adam Zane returns to Manchester’s Gay Village to explore how the gay scene has changed.

After two years of research - including discussions with the LGBT Foundation, George House Trust, PrEPster and Porn4Prep - Adam has written new play, Jock Night, which aims to highlight urgent,

relevant themes within the LGBT+ community. These include chemsex, access to PrEP and the lack of sexual health education.

Set on the night of Jock, the hottest club night in town, this entertaining, surprising, character-driven comedy drama, invites you to the ultimate after-party.

This exciting and original one act play follows forty-something Ben who’s desire to curl up watching Victoria Wood is eclipsed by his party lifestyle. Coronation Street obsessed Kam is, in his own words,

fabulous and undetectable, whilst gym bunny Russell is all about the Instagram likes.

This is the story of friends searching for love in a world of chemsex and jockstraps. When a gay porn star arrives, Ben must decide whether he can give up his life of hook ups and chill-outs, swapping a

come down for settling down.

The play was inspired by writer and director Adam Zane’s own experiences of the club night Jock Party. Talking about the play he says: “I wanted to write a comedy about all the stories you hear

when you are stood in a bar on Canal Street – like bad Grindr hook-ups and the threesomes that go horribly wrong. The more stories I heard, the more I heard about drugs and chemsex; it became

something I felt I had to explore.

“The play follows Ben, in his forties as he relives his lost youth by partying every weekend in his city centre flat. He’s doing everything he wanted to do when he was young – but now he’s got the

money, the confidence and the muscles to do it. What really makes this play unique is the humour and lack of judgement. The play does not preach to or demonise aspects of the gay community.”

Adam added.

During his two years of research Adam interviewed service-users, health professionals and people who work and play in Manchester’s gay village to get a true snapshot of the chill outs and after

parties happening every weekend across the city.

Jock Night is the latest show from the award-winning company behind sell-out shows Gypsy Queen and #BeMoreMartyn: The Boy with the Deirdre Tattoo.

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Published: 21-Feb-2019 Top Stories

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