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Gary Manners encourages you to keep your inner explorer alive

Gary Manners encourages you to keep your inner explorer alive

“It is still early in the home quarantine game, but are you bored to death already ? To interrupt the curve and contain the coronavirus as soon as possible, it’s better if we all stay at home and practice some social distancing.

On one hand, it’s a dream scenario to finally finish reading that book you’ve been meaning to dedicate time to for ages, whilst on the other hand, it’s the biggest nightmare. To give you some good courage and to prevent boredom A few ideas you might like to plan into your days/weeks..

Movie night with travel films

What is the main thing that we can only dream about at the moment? Travelling! Sadly, travelling is not possible for the time being, so all that remains is to keep dreaming and making new plans for the future. So, have a great movie night with the best travel movies and documentaries available. On Netflix there are quite a few travel-related movies and documentaries to be found, for example, Expedition Happiness, Tales by Night, Our Planet, Wild, Elsewhere. Alone in Africa. Grab your popcorn!

Time to update your travel bucket list

Just because we can’t travel right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the explorer alive and well and start planning for the future. So, plan and map out your next trip! You can make the first effort at learning the local language, researching the cultural hotspots or maybe read through online travel blogs to determine your perfect itinerary.

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Get Training - lots of free online courses

Grow Your Own Plants and Veg, get in the garden

Indoor Picnic for the kids

Get Fit Walk and Exercise daily

Master your own Cocktails

Get Cooking Master Chef Style

Get De-cluttering or Decorate that spare room too

Improve your singing and musical ability..

you never know could be the next Osmonds or Partidge Family...let me know how you all get on.

If the above has got you thinking about where to visit post current crisis, then take a look at some ideas via the link below.

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Published: 26-Mar-2020 Top Stories

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