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Following LFEST, Lesflicks continues to release new content and grow it’s platform

Following LFEST, Lesflicks continues to release new content and grow it’s platform

Following a successful online film festival in place of the usual physical festival at LFEST, Lesflicks continues to release new content and grow it’s platform. August is a great month for new content, and you can expect a new feature films, a new series and 4 new short films. Each one quite different – but all offering representation, enticing stories of love and loss and spanning the ages.

There really is something for everyone. We’re delighted to be bringing diverse stories. We really do mean it when we say the more subscribers we have, the more content we can add! Every subscriber is more evidence of a growing and paying audience. We’re delighted by our growth, but not surprised as we always knew the audience existed but it was just that the films were not easy to find. We invite every lesbian, bisexual and queer woman to join us in our efforts to #AmplifyLesbianFilm through our video on demand platform and website.

We start the month with short film PASTRY, which is a delightfully tasty short featuring UK comedian Maureen Younger. It is refreshing to see more mature women living their best life and eating delectable delights. Lick you lips and get stuck in to this sweet film that will leave you craving a fresh cream cake from your local bakery – who knows, maybe they’ll be a beautiful baker there for you!

Next up is WHEN HARRI MET SALMA, a short film from Australia that beautifully portrays the challenges and complexities of faith and sexuality. How do you balance being Muslim and gay? When Harri Met Salma is a beautiful film of discovery, identity and love – definitely one to watch!

JANE is a short film that portrays something we can all identify with – the moment you have that inner feeling that makes you realise you fell for a girl… what are these feelings and how do you deal with them? Whether you’re young or old, Jane is a story which highlights the challenges of realising your sexuality and realising that you’re different.

AVOCADO TOAST is a brilliant new series which is refreshingly real. If you want to see real, average sized women with real life problems then look no further. We hear so often that representation matters and so we’re delighted to say that Avocado Series showcases bisexual stories with a good dose of drama and comedy.

If you prefer to see women struggling to fit into their dress or dealing with job troubles then this is for you. If you have done long distance relationships and want to see those represented then you will also find this here. Work with your parents? Parents separated? Avocado has so many strands that we just know everyone will find something to identify with. A 10 episode series, we’ll be releasing over 2 weeks, 5 episodes at a time to allow for some binge watching as you’ll want to follow the adventures of Millennials Molly and Elle.

LIGHT IN DARK PLACES is a beautiful love letter of a story about a couple, and the secret they kept from the family. Sadly we still live in a world where you can’t always be honest about your sexuality with your family – but what happens if your Mum is left to clear out your things and stumbles across photos and emails of your relationship? This film is beautiful, light and inspirational. Bring a tissue and feel the love of this short film.

The end of the month brings Kristen Stewart to Lesflicks! Yes, we’ve definitely pulled out all of the stops this year and we continue to grow our content and LIZZIE is no exception! Available in the UK and Ireland, this feature film will be available as a rental and stars Chloë Sevigny as the infamous Lizzie Borden. There have been many Lizzie Borden stories before, including a mini series with Christina Ricci, but this feature film is the first to explore the lesbian sexuality of Lizzie Borden. Definitely not a romantic comedy, this psychological thriller needs to come with a trigger warning for blood, murder and also a high temperature as we see Chloë and Kristen making out on screen!

This month’s films cover diversity in age, sexual identification, genre, format, time period and there is definitely something for everyone. We can’t wait to tell you what September has on offer!!


Lesflicks is the first dedicated lesbian & bisexual women’s content platform in Europe. With a global content offering they are aiming to make it easier for lesbian & bisexual women to watch the films they so desperately want to see.

From its launch in March 2019 led by Naomi Bennett, Lesflicks has hosted both in-cinema and online film clubs in the UK, global online talks and Q&As; has curated the world’s first LBQ-dedicated film database, has set-up a growing video-on-demand platform and continued to offer film distribution advice! All while self-funded and run on the passion of its LBQ-identifying team of part time volunteers.

In its first 9 months, Lesflicks supported 74 LBQ shorts and features, participated in 34 events and filled 830 seats in screenings across the country. In 9 weeks in 2020 Lesflicks held 10 film clubs, supporting 10 films and filling 152 seats. 2020 began with a blast, as Lesflicks drew the critically-acclaimed feature film “Rafiki” to its VOD platform! This success has continued with numerous quality shorts, the inclusion of Nicole Conn’s latest Feature, More Beautiful for Having Been Broken and now Lizzie. The Video on Demand platform has been growing since its soft launch in September 2019, and as at 1 August 2020 features 12 feature films, 55 short films and 7 web series. With 5 more feature films in the pipeline they are already one of the top 5 LGBT SVOD platforms in the world in terms of wlw content and if content onboarding continues will be the biggest platform by the end of Q2 2021.

Lesflicks have a number of products that all feed into the betterment of lesbian film distribution for filmmakers and the intended audience.


All of the aboove titles have screeners and are available to review, and interviews with the creators can also be requested for most titles. For articles and reviews we can provide artwork (posters, stills), trailer embed and links to watch content. As Lesflicks cares as much about older titles as new ones, some of these titles could be a few years old. Brand new titles are flagged in red under the title. Founder of Lesflicks, Naomi Bennett is also available for interview.

To request a screener or to request any interviews, or for more information; please email

To download any photos to accompany articles, please click via the link below.

Links to trailers:

Published: 14-Aug-2020 Top Stories

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