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Everybody Fitness and Wellbeing taster session

Everybody Fitness and Wellbeing taster session

Well, on Friday 8th February, Sarah and Laura from Everybody Fitness & Wellbeing will be running a fun, all inclusive fitness class which is, as the name suggests..for EVERYBODY!!

The session will provide you with the opportunity to meet new people, move around for an hour within a judgement free setting and learn some fitness techniques; which you can then use in the comfort of your own home, outdoors or even at the gym.

What makes us different from other lifestyle groups you ask? 

At EFaW, we feel that it is important to take a holistic approach to fitness, in that we realise that there are numerous factors which contribute to a happy, healthy and sustainable lifestyle; which is not solely related to physical fitness and nutrition alone. 

As Sarah is a qualified Personal Trainer, Leisure Manager and CBT accredited, you’ll have the opportunity to access professional and bespoke advice when discussing your exercise routine, and find positive and effective ways in which you can achieve your goals, whatever they may be. 

Laura, who is a qualified NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master and Counseller in training, will also assist in helping you to incorporate a healthy mindset towards your daily routines, as we understand that intention is key when forming positive daily habits.

Our first taster session will take place at:

The LGBT foundation, 5 Richmond Street, Manchester, M1 3HF (just behind Canal Street), 7pm-8pm, Friday 8th February.

This location has full wheelchair access, gender neutral toilets/changing facilities and is a safe space for those who may been intimidated when attending conventional mainstream leisure centres and work-out classes.

What to expect durning the first session....

A circuits based workout, where you can do as much, or as little as you feel. No expectations, no pressure, just a supportive environment.

If you plan on joining us, pease ensure that you book in advance to get your place!

We encourage you to wear something comfortable, which you can move around in. Donations only, depending on what you can afford :) (suggested £3-£5).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sarah and Laura.

Everybody Fitness and Wellbeing.  

For future events, updates or if you have any questions, catch us on:

Instagram: everybodyFaW / Twitter: @everybodyfaw 


Telephone: 07539 572065

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