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Circus of Acceptance is this years Pride Festival theme

Circus of Acceptance is this years Pride Festival theme

The streets of Manchester are set to be overtaken by troupes of performers, acrobats and wonderful characters as “The Circus of Acceptance” takes over this year’s Manchester Pride Parade.

The Manchester Pride Parade, which this year takes place on Saturday 25 August, is one of The Festival's most highly anticipated events, with thousands of people marching proudly together through the streets of Manchester in front of and tens of thousands of supporters cheering them along the way.

The Parade features 150 entries, equating to just over 5000 participants, in floats and walking entries from businesses and community groups across the region and will this year be one of the most visual and varied as it takes on the glamour and creativity of the circus.

As with last year the charity’s iconic issue that informs everything it does is “Education is the key to equality”. This year’s Parade theme is designed to shine a light on this in a creative way by reminding the people of Manchester and further afield that acceptance is a vital step in the continued progress of equality for all.

Mark Fletcher, chief executive for Manchester Pride, said; “The circus is coming to town and all are welcome. This year’s Manchester Pride Parade will be a great opportunity to see many different types of LGBT+ people, each with their own individual quirks, skills, differences and fascinations all walking together in celebration!

“There are many millions of individuals that exist within Greater Manchester. Each different to the other. This is the same within the LGBT+ communities here and around the world. With the Circus of Acceptance as the theme for The Manchester Pride Parade, we’re proudly showcasing and celebrating the richly diverse LGBT+ people of our City and we’re inviting the people of Manchester to join in or come along to be entertained, to be inspired, and to be proud!”

Applications are now open for those who wish to take part. Businesses that have taken part in previous events have included Autotrader, Barclays, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and The Big Weekend sponsors Thomas Cook Airlines. For more information visit

Individuals who want to get involved will soon be apply to join the Manchester Pride Parade troupe. For the third year running the charity will participate in the parade with its own entry.

The Manchester Pride Parade starts on Liverpool Road, passing by the Town Hall and the Gay Village before finishing on Whitworth Street. In recent years it has been led by some of the most prominent faces in the LGBT world including Orange Is The New Black actress Lea DeLaria, national treasure Sir Ian McKellen and Manchester’s first out Lord Mayor, Carl Austin-Behan.

The Manchester Pride Festival is Manchester Pride’s flagship event that takes place over August bank holiday weekend. With its roots in the heart of Manchester’s world famous Gay Village, the festival is made up of The Big Weekend, The Manchester Pride Parade on Saturday afternoon, the alcohol free space that is The Superbia Weekend and the culmination of the festival The Candlelit Vigil.

Facts about the Manchester Pride Festival 2017:

5200 Miles collectively walked by Parade entrants. The same distance as Manchester to San Francisco. 125 Acts performed at The Big Weekend.

211 Pride stars and community volunteers assisted during The Manchester Pride Festival

117,938 views on the Facebook Live of Vogue:Off The Tracks.

0% of the waste of The Manchester Pride Festival went to the landfill. 171,448,135 people reached via media in August alone.

308 TV and radio broadcasts in August featuring Manchester Pride.

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Published: 15-Mar-2018 Top Stories

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