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Better Together at George House Trust

Better Together at George House Trust

Better Together

Better Together is a five-year project that is managed by George House Trust and is funded by the National Community Lottery Fund. As part of the project we are recruiting and training peer mentors who will provide support to people living with HIV in sexual health clinics, at George House Trust and in the community.

What is Peer Mentoring? 

Peer mentoring is form of mentorship that takes place between a person who has lived through a specific experience and a person who is new to that experience or requires additional support. It is a relationship based on mutual learning and growth, with the aim of supporting people to achieve a sense of control and empowerment. 

Who are Peer Mentors?

Our peer mentors are people living with HIV who want to use their own personal experiences to help and support others. Peer mentors attend accredited training, receive ongoing support and guidance from staff at GHT and work to the National Standards for HIV Peer Support.

How will I Benefit?

Peer mentoring is there to help you lead a healthy, happy and confident life with HIV. This means different things to different people.  Your mentor will tailor the support they provide based on your needs, with the aim of helping you to achieve your personal goals.  The aim of peer mentoring is to increase your confidence and self-esteem by providing an opportunity to speak to someone else living with HIV, in a setting of your choice.

How does it Work?

This service is available for anyone living with HIV.

You will be matched with a mentor who you will meet with regularly, for up to 12 weeks. You can meet a mentor at your HIV clinic, at George House Trust, or at a place local to you, if that’s more convenient.  Mentoring is also available by phone, email or Skype.  Mentors are there to share their own personal experiences of living with HIV, and to answer any questions you might have about living with HIV.

Peer mentors can provide support with the following areas:

Coming to terms with a new diagnosis

Increasing your knowledge about HIV

Starting treatment or changing treatment

Adhering to medication and managing side effects

Getting the most out of clinical appointments

Talking about HIV

Managing sexual and romantic relationships

Increasing your confidence and self-esteem

If you do require specialist advice, your mentor can signpost you on to other relevant services.

Want to become a Peer Mentor?

Peer mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship for those providing and receiving support. You will learn how to use your own experiences, skills and qualities to help other people make positive changes to their lives. Our peer mentors support people at sexual health clinics, at GHT and in the community. We also offer peer mentoring over the phone and via Skype. You will have access to accredited training and ongoing support including regular team meetings and supervision from the Project Coordinator.

Accessing the Service

You can access the service or find out more about becoming a peer mentor by calling 0161 274 4499 and asking for Josh or emailing You will be invited in for a meeting so we can discuss things further.

You can also find out more by visiting our website via the link below

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