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Afflecks Student Shopping Guide

Afflecks Student Shopping Guide

Whether you’re a fresher, an ‘inbetweener’, returning to university for your final year or embarking on a masters, it’s time to get yourselves packed up and prepped for your studies (perhaps with a bit of partying on the side)! Read on for our top picks of uni essentials, student discounts and gifts to self that UNI’D in your life. You can find them all under one roof, in Manchester’s iconic city centre shopping emporium, Afflecks.

Posters from Panic Posters

You’re not a student unless you’ve got posters plastered all over your bedroom walls right?

The infamous Panic Posters is your one stop shop for posters. It has an extensive selection of music, film, art, humour and lifestyle posters, and you can bag yourself three for £10!

Stationery from Thunder Egg

Forget WH Smith, Thunder Egg is a treasure trove of colourful and quirky pens, pencil cases and sticky notes ranging from adorable animal to cool cactus prints.

Everyday things - environmentally friendly toothbrushes and razors from Earth Friendly Rocker

One of Afflecks’ latest additions, Earth Friendly Rocker is an eco-friendly lifestyle store selling eco-conscious everyday essentials, such as bamboo toothbrushes and reusable safety razor kits. Billions of plastic toothbrushes and disposable razors end up in landfills every year, and what better way to start the academic year than switching out your plastic everyday items for the green equivalent?

A Salt Lamp from Crystal Henge

Himalayan Salt Lamps are said to provide health and environmental benefits because they are ‘’natural ionisers,’’ meaning they change the electrical charge of the circulating air, creating a positive effect on indoor air, improving focus, reducing stress levels and promoting healing. There’s more than meets the eye to this decorative lamp and we reckon it would really come in handy whilst your writing up assignments.

This awesome print of Fallowfield from SWALK Creative

If you’re going to uni in Manchester, it’s quite likely that you’re either living in Fallowfield or Withington. If you do, you’ll be familiar with lots of the spots on this fantastic doodle map print by Dave Draws. Details include Fallowfield Campus, Owens Park Tower, the Toast Rack and of course, The Friendship.

Mandala tapestry from Rowfers or The Little Niche

Definitely a student essential. An easy and cheap way to decorate your bedroom walls at university. You can get your hands on one of these at Rowfers or The Little Niche.

Vintage Clothing

We all LOVE vintage clothing, and there’s plenty of it in Afflecks. GRIN (ground floor) sells a mish-mash of 90s coach jackets, corduroy shirts, and 80s crew neck sweaters. Pop Boutique (first floor) travel all around the world to bring the best vintage into their stores whilst Red and Blue Umbrella (first floor) and Milner and Son (first floor) handpick every Item.

Grab some food from The Vegan Cafe

After months of renovation the Afflecks’ Vegan Cafe is back in business. New owner Sanjay has a passion for fresh Vegan food, serving up delicious daals, salads, falafel wraps juice and smoothies. With meals priced from £2-£6, this is a real student destination.

Try some of the best ice cream in Manchester

 A trip to Ginger’s Comfort Emporium is definitely something that should be added to your student bucket list! It is an award-winning ice cream parlour with unique flavour combinations from Pear and Espresso to Pistachio and Rum and just about everything in between. Find them on the first floor of Afflecks.

Student discount

The following stores offer 10% student discount if you show you a valid student ID on purchase:

- Inspired Life CBD

- Mad 4 Art

- Mick’s Emporium

- Pop Boutique

- Egoiste Gallery (with a flyer) Also save with @canalstcard.


- Not so Sweet Nails

- Soapy J (with a flyer)

Please also visit NQ Gallery and Gay Pride Shop. Both with @canalstcard benefits.

How do you get a card? Visit here for more.

Published: 19-Sep-2019 Top Stories

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