Information for submitting your stories and images for publication on uses two simple image sizes:
Leadstories - Panoramic style W:620px H:260px
Regular stories - W:250px by a maximum of H:300px
Mobile App story and Competition images - W:212px x H:156px
Resolution - 72dpi
Formats - jpg, tff, bmp or PDF in RGB

Ideally, we would like the original high-resolution image this enables us to select the content/framing. When sending images, for stories or competitions, we require one of each size 'regular' and 'mobile' or 'leadstory' and 'mobile' sizes.

Advertising sizes:
The main website uses two standard advert sizes:
Leaderboards (2 sizes required) - W:728px x H:90px & W:640px x H:160px
MPU box - W:300px x H:250px
Classified adverts - w:212px x H:156px
The formats can be jpg, gif at 72dpi or swf (flash movie) in RGB.
File size (kb) recommendation is no larger than 30kb. Larger files will despress your results.

Mobile App image sizes:

Images for stories or logos - W:212px x H:156px
The formats are png or jpg at 72dpi in RGB

Newsletter Images Sizes:
Advert Header & Footer - 600px by 260px
Right Hand Top Advert - 200px by 200px

Submitting text:
We can accept stories saved as microsoft word documents or text only files

Video formats:
For ease we normally embed video from youtube
( has its own account for hosting on youtube)

Audio Content:
We use a Free version of Soundcloud for hosting such content:
Format: MP3 at 192kbs

Using our house logo:
The logo is pure monochrome using black and white. You can download the image in a number of sizes and formats here:
Lowres jpg 800px by 600px 72dpi - download
Highres jpg 2400px by 1800px 72dpi - download
Highres png(24) 2400px by 1800px 72dpi - download
Highres PDF print ready 300dpi - download

The logo can only be used by permission and cannot be altered except where a reverse, black out of white is required. All logos are copyright of Ltd.