Manchester Film Festival LGBT films

Highlights within this strand include the Brazilian feature PUBLIC INTIMACY, UK premiere THE BLACK PRINCE starring JASON FLEMYNG, STANLEY A MAN OF VARIETY starring TIMOTHY SPALL, documentary feature DAS WASSUP and an array of short films that feature films such as LIGHTNINGFACE starring OSCAR ISAAC and Ben Price’s TAUBMAN starring JACK P SHEPHERD.

Part of our Be Who You Are Say What You Feel strand

Public intimacy

Brazilian filmmaker Luciana Canton directs this startlingly powerful film that asks the audience to confront the ways in which we deal with sexuality and love on both public and private levels. Over four seasons, four stories are told - a young man come to terms with his sexuality, a prostitute and her client become lovers, a transgender teacher is blackmailed and a woman's desire sees her succumb to madness. 


Imagine Dreamgirls, but instead of it being about 3 friends from Detroit it's about 3 God fearing lesbian rappers from Tampa, Florida as they travel on a UK and European tour together for the first time.

In 'Das Wassup' we follow Yo Majesty members Shon B, JWL B and Shunda K as they embark on their first tour and go through highs, lows, breakups and makeups. Featuring interviews from the group's manager, the film's director and it's faceless mysterious Producer, we get an insight into the inner workings of what it takes to manage a tour for a group who were once named one of NME's 'Best biggest bands of 2008'. So sit back, pour some Hennessey, play 'Club Action' and prepare for the ride, 'Ya hear me!?!'

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story published on  Sat, 11 Feb 2017