Latest hit musical from Vertigo

The Great American 80's Soap Opera

With their 10th Anniversary this year, Vertigo have yet another camp show stopping production ready for you to enjoy.

It's 1989 and one of the biggest shows on TV in the US is the sudsy nighttime soap opera Valiants Point. However since a new Soap has started to steal its viewers and people are wanting more sex, violence and cat fights the ratings have fallen a lot and now everyone on the show faces a choice. Change with the times.... or you're cancelled.

Stressed out creator Aaron and his team will do whatever it takes to save the show, but his insane cast who have more problems than the characters they play are not going to make this easy. Diva fits, bitches, secret closeted actors, affairs and 2 old broads who won't be going down without a fight.

The Great American 80's Soap Opera is written by award winning writer Craig Hepworth (Porno Chic, Last Dance, Black Ice, Ascension, Watching Goldfish Suffocate, OUT, Rage, M) and co writer Stu Reeve (Black Ice, Murder She Writes). Directed by Craig Hepworth and Assistant Director Richard Allen.

Don't miss this hilarious new comedy full of shoulder pads, bitch slaps and more one liners than any soap opera.

At The Kings Arms, Salford, 3rd-6th and 9th-12th May 2017. Only a few tickets till available via the link below..


story published on  Wed, 19 Apr 2017