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Chris Park chats to Pam Ann

Chris Park chats to Pam Ann

International superstar Pam Ann, the self-styled Queen of the Airways is landing in our very own Lowry Theatre. Counting Madonna, Elton John and Cher amongst her fans she will be regaling audiences with her take on the world as well as bringing some of her alter egos to visit.

Canal St managed to get a quick chat with the diva herself.

What can we expect from this tour?

Fun and filth 

Which of your colleagues will be joining you on this tour?

Lily makes an appearance and Valerie from American Airlines 

Any new faces?

Lots of new trolley dolly’s in Pam Ann’s ice bucket

Where did the young Pam Ann grow up?

Melbourne Australia

How did Pam Ann become such an icon?

I wouldn’t say icon but that’s very kind of you to say so. 

When you were training to be cabin crew, did you know you were going to be the best?

Pam Ann clawed her way to the top.

How does Pam Ann deal with nervous fliers?


How does Pam Ann deal with difficult customers?

Forcibly remove them by their feet United style

Who would be your dream passenger?

The Queen and her corgis 

What do you do when you’re on a layover?


What travel tips can you give our readers?

Touch up, before touch down

Words to live by. Pam Ann will be appearing at the Lowry Theatre on Sunday 4th June. For tickets please go to link below

By Chris Park for Canal St Online

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Published: 1-Jun-2017 Top Stories

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