Canal St Online chats to Myra DuBois

As an international style icon, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am very blessed to have a costume designer in my hypothetical employment (the experience is their pay) who runs up my looks for me. A homosexual based in a garage in East London. I’m inspired by whatever fabrics we might find on our trips around the markets, and the various other great ladies of show-business that have gone before me.

Tell me about your upbringing?

Oh, we’re starting deep. Well I made my big entrance to the world on the 6th of June, 19 neveryoumind, born at Doncaster Gate Hospital (now demolished) in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Daddy passed away very early on (fell into a blender, so I’m told) and so Mother raised my sister Rose and I herself, where we developed a bit of an act in our late teens singing around pubs. I’m currently working on my memoirs of that period and the relationship with my mother, working title ‘A Taste of Vinegar’.

What’s the worst heckle you’ve had and how did you deal with it?

I don’t get heckles as I encourage the audience to converse with me. It’s an exchange between the audience and I, when I’m on stage. How can they heckle when they’re invited to talk? I’m from Rotherham, I wouldn’t be very witty with a heckler, I’d be likely to glass them.

What type of man do you go for?

I like a well-built, hirsute gentleman. I have been called a chubby chaser by my detractors before now but like I told them, you can’t chase what can’t run.

Tell us a secret?

Betty Driver was actually a double act made up of identical twins. There were two of them, not many people know that.

As a Yorkshire lass, how do u find Manchester crowds?

There’s supposed to be a great divide between Yorkshire and Lancashire isn’t there? I’ve never felt it. I suppose that’s because I live in London these days, or perhaps it’s because I’ve spent a lot of time in and around Manchester since I was 16 years old. I genuinely love Manchester, the place and the people. It’s a brilliant, wonderful city.

Any backstage rituals that you can tell us about?

Before any show I make sure I practise my bespoke yoga devised by my guru, Malcolm. Positions include the Squatting Whippet, the Sitting Spatchcock and the Large Gin and Tonic. What’s your favourite tipple and do you indulge before a show? I usually have a gin and tonic close to my person, before, during and after any show. People often wonder if the drinks I have with me on stage are props, and they’re not! They aren’t props, they are crutches.

Myra Dubois’ Self AdMyra will be at The Dancehouse in Manchester on 28th April. For tickets go to link below.


story published on  Mon, 3 Apr 2017