Design and Marketing services

Design Services

Canal-st offers its advertisers design services for graphics and adverts hosted on our, or some else's website. We also offer Web design, email services and print solutions for 'offline' marketing such as banners.

Working closely with our clients ensures that our designs compliment their business and help to drive custom.


Email Marketing - from £30 a month!

HTML email campaigns are a very successful way of communicating with your clients. They raise awareness of your brand and your services.

We host your email database, or help you to build one. We manage the the list ensuring it is up to date and clean (free of dead email addresses and unsubscribes).

We can offer advice on creating content that will help to ensure that the email arrives in your clients inbox and not in their Junk folder!


Graphic and Website Design

Canal-st is very experienced in creating good quality and easily navigable websites. Our services include:


Offline Marketing Solutions

Canal-st creates and designs artwork for printed media examples include:

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