Advertise on reaches a wide graphical audience within the UK with a distinct LGBT focus.

Canal-St currently delivers over 400k pages, per annum, to over unique 9,000+ visitors per month across its website and page views within its Android and iOS App. A new version of the Canal-st iOS App, launched in Mar 2014, currently has 600 registered users and an Android version is in planning.

Canal-St Social Media platforms offer further engagement opportunities, having over 33,000 likes on facebook, growing at about 120 per week, and more than 13,400 followers on Twitter.

Advertising on the site can take the traditional forms of Leaderboard's and MPU's along with the targeted weekly newsletter sent to over 6500 registered readers.

The Canal-St VIP Membership has about 750 cards in circulation. It is an integeral part of the iOS App as members can now have a 'electronic' VIP card. VIP members are sent a dedicated weekly emailer, to over 600 registered email addresses, and it has its own dedicated facebook and Twitter profiles.

Competitions are a very successful way of encouraging our readership to engage with your business. Competitions are promoted across the site, social networking and within the weekly newsletter.

Canal-St offers advertisers a wide range of tailored solutions enabling them to target and be presented directly to a difficult to reach demographic across our range of integrated delivery platforms.

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